… within 0 – 20 km radius

A: Aussichtspunkte/Viewpoints in Lüneburg (15 km) – Kalkberg, Water Tower, Kreidebergsee B: Biosphere Reservat Lower Saxonian Elbe – Valley floodplain with the towns Bleckede (12 km) (Biosphaerium) and Hitzacker (Archaeological Centre Hitzacker and Customs Museum) D: Draisine Rides from Altgarge (12 km) to Bleckede and back E: Picking strawberries into nets. Depending on the season, there are also cultivated blueberries. In the woods around Radenbeck there are blueberries, in the village and along the paths fruit trees invite you to nibble F: Freizeitbad/ Leisure Pool Salü (15 km) with brine wave pool and sauna (wave pool currently closed for renovation) G: State Forest Göhrde (20 km) – kings and emperors hunted here, largest contiguous mixed forest area in Northern Germany, Forest Museum Naturum H: Heath (0-20 km) – In the joint municipality Ostheide there are scattered heath areas in the forest, the largest is the Buckerlgräberfeld near Neetze I: Inline skating or cycling on the Elbe Cycle Path (other side of the Elbe) from Neu Bleckede (12 km) in south-east direction with stops at Stiepelse and Konau or swimming in the Inselsee (13 km) J: Junkernhof (2 km) – beautiful forest with old trees or a visit to the Jod-Sole-Therme in Bad Bevensen (18 km) K: KLP/Cultural Country Trip (20 km) – wonder points in the Wendland (Ascension-Pentecost) or all year round climbing in the Kletterpark/Climbing Park Scharnebeck (12 km) L: Lüneburg (15 km) – very beautiful hanseatic city with many sights, museums and a well worth seeing center including the old town. Location of the daily soap “Rote Rosen” >M: Auditorium Maximum, University of Lüneburg Leuphana (17 km) – Architect Daniel Libeskind N: Neetze (7 km) – village with shopping possibilities, farm shops and cafes – river with beautiful bathing place in the village of Neetze, suitable for canoeing from about Bockelkathen (14 km) O: Orchidsgarden Karge in Dahlenburg ( 7,5km) P: Persides – Watching stars and shooting stars from the garden. The street lamps in Radenbeck are switched off at night and so there is an undisturbed view into the night sky R: Resting Place at the Mausebach (0,5 km) – a bench at the brook invites you to stay for a while, nice for children S: Ship Lift Scharnebeck (12 km) – in the year of construction 1974 the world’s largest ship lift with a drop height of 38m T: Thomasburg church, Kirchberg/Burgwall and old cemetery (3 km) – probably the most beautiful fieldstone church in the district of Lüneburg U: Under old oaks and lime trees – Climbing, swinging, sliding, playing table tennis ore football on one of the two playgrounds in Radenbeck V: Cemented sands (5,5 km) – natural monument, lime-cemented sandstone W: Water mills – Wennekath (2 km), Thomasburg (2.5 km), Wicheln (3.3 km), Ellringen 5.1 km) X: Y: Yoga individual lessons (0 km) from certified yoga teacher, she comes to the house Z:

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  1. Liebe Regine, welch wundervolle Wohnung und liebevoll gestaltete Website! Selbst für die kleinen Gäste ist an alles gedacht. Das macht Lust auf Urlaub im Mausethal! Beste Grüße, Anna

  2. Geweldig huisje. Prachtige en praktische locatie voor leuke uitstapjes en wandelingen. Danke schon.
    Ciao Carlijn

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