…within 20 – 100 km radius

A: Autostadt (CarCity) Wolfsburg (89 km)

B: Barefoot Park Egestorf (48 km)

C: Celle (77 km) – residential town with castle, art museum, bee museum…

D: Domitz/Elbe (55 km) – fortress

E: Elbshippingmuseum Lauenburg/Elbe (20 km), nice old town directly at the river

F: Open air museum (Freilichtmuseum in german) Hösseringen (43 km) and open air museum Kiekeberg (54 km)

G: Gorleben (52 km) – Visit the information centre of the GNS plant Gorleben

H: Hanseatic City of Hamburg (55 km) with museums, harbour, Alster lake, Elbphilharmonie, St. Pauli, Hamburg Dungeon, miniature wonderland, planetarium, dialogue in the dark, and and and…

I: Maze (Irrgarten in german)- Corn Labyrinth Hamburg (97 km)

J: JUMP House – Trampolin park in Hamburg (81 km)

K: Concentration Camp-Memorial (KZ in german) Neuengamme (35 km) and Concentration Camp-Memorial Bergen-Belsen (71 km)

L: Luhe, Ilmenau and Seeve, paddling on the rivers trough the heath in the south of Hamburg, Heath Canoe Rental (Heide-Kanu) (28 km)

M: Mill Karoxbostel (45 km) – ensemble protected as an historic monument (german Denkmalschutz)

N: Nature Park Lüneburg Heath (45 km) – with Totengrund, Wilseder Berg, Wilsede…

O: Otter Center Hankensbüttel (55 km)

P: Phaeno Wolfsburg (89 km)


R: Rühstädt (90 km) – Storchendorf (stork village)

S: Schwerin (100 km) – capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania), lakes and castle

T: Zoo (Tierpark in german) Hagenbeck (62 km) – Zoo in Hamburg with tropical house

U: Uelzen (29 km) – Hundertwasser train station

V: Bird (Vogel in german) Park Walsrode (78 km)

W: Wildlife-Park Lüneburger Heide in Nindorf/Hanstedt (60 km) or Wildlife-Park Schwarze Berge (55 km)


Y: Marina Hamburg (Yachthafen in german) and Willkomm Höft (ship welcoming facility) in Wedel/Elbe (90 km)

Z: Trembling (Zitterpartie in german) or great fun in the treetop path Heide Himmel in Nindorf/Hanstedt (60 km)

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